Thingylabs High Potentials Program

German companies are going through the hardest time finding IT specialists. According to the research of Bitkom, the vacant positions reached the historical record of 124.000 in 2019.

And the situation will get even worse over the next two years:

(Quelle: bitkom Research)

Meanwhile many young people complain about how hard it is to find a job and oftentimes don't feel valued because of low pay. On the other hand employers find that new employees coming from University are mostly ill equipped for the latest software projects.

➡ On-boarding takes away valuable project time!

We want to help both sides to gain from the current situation with our High Potentials Program, where the young potentials acquire the most career-helpful IT-Knowledge, and companies get the best prepared IT-specialists -- significantly lowering long term costs.

➡ Don't you like to have an edge for your team!?

For more information please select whether you you are acting on behalf of a company or as a potential trainee:

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